Australians are Choosing Tesla and So Are We

Tesla and Compass

With the exponential rise of Teslas hitting Australian roads, we have broadened our range to suit the market’s growing need and are officially the first Replacement vehicle company to have Tesla Models available nationwide.

After first introducing the Tesla Model 3 Compass have expanded our national fleet to include Tesla Model Y as well.

If you’re a Tesla owner and have been in an accident where the fault is not your own, our team will provide a like-for-like car replacement.

Tesla Sales in Australia

Tesla cars are becoming more and more prevalent on Australian roads. With increasing petrol prices, Australian drivers are choosing to go electric with Tesla as their preferred choice, keeping costs down whilst benefiting from the drive and handling of the whisper quiet car. Not to mention its green credentials.

According to a report by Which Car, 4 out of 5 Electric Vehicles sold in Australia in August 2022 were Teslas, equalling a total of 3397 cars sold in one month.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has stated that battery electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid cars now make up 10% of the new-car market in 2022. This number will only continue to grow as Australians continue to switch from petrol to electric vehicles.

When Which Car compared all new cars sold, the Tesla Model 3 was the 4th highest sold car in August 2022 behind:

  • Toyota Hilux
  • Ford Ranger
  • Toyota Rav4

As impressive as this growth is, it is unsurprising once you delve into the benefits of owning a Tesla over petrol vehicles.

Benefits of Driving Tesla

Running Costs Vs. Petrol Cars

Among the many benefits of driving a Tesla in 2022, running costs would be the highest on the average consumer list.

Ergon Energy Network reported that the cost of electricity required to charge a Tesla is estimated to be 40% less than the cost of petrol for a similar-sized vehicle driving the same distance.

This cost is lower still if charging from a solar PV system or at free public charging stations. In a report conducted by Savvy, there are currently 3,000 EV public charging points made up of 2,531 AC standard and 470 DC Supercharge with more on the way with the Australian government embracing the future of EVs.

Ergon Energy Network states that electric vehicles, such as Tesla, have fewer moving parts in their engine which mean fewer trips to the local mechanic compared to petrol-operated vehicles.

Environmentally Friendly

Another common reason to switch from an internal combustion engine to an electric one is an environmentally conscious mind.

In 2020 alone, Tesla reported that their car owners helped accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy by helping avoid over a 5.0million metric tons of CO2e emissions.


Tesla makes no secret of its sophisticated safety features, going as far as to say that Tesla vehicles are engineered to be the safest in the world.

Among some of the many integrated safety features is powerful onboard technology, with an all-electric design to help protect not only all drivers and passengers but all pedestrians on the road as well.

Teslas Autopilot technology also has active safety features that can help reduce impact severity or even prevent accidents from happening altogether.

All Teslas have built-in situational awareness technology utilising eight cameras and powerful vision processing which provides 360 degrees of visibility ensuring that all nearby objects like pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles are detected.

Another notable feature is that Teslas grow safer over time – every mile a Tesla is driven helps improve the safety features for all Tesla drivers as they are designed to learn and update to changing road conditions.

Tesla Model Y Key Features

The Tesla Model Y has achieved a 5-star ANCAP safety rating and a 514km WLTP range.
Boasting maximum versatility with 5 seats and a lift gate that opens to a low trunk floor that makes loading and unloading a breeze.

The Model Y is an All-Wheel Drive with Dual Motor – two ultra-responsive, independent electric motors that digitally control torque making this vehicle capable in rain, snow, mud, and off-road.
Featuring Tesla’s innovative Autopilot with advanced safety and convenience features designed to assist you while driving.

Tesla Model 3 Key Features

The Tesla Model 3 has also achieved a 5 Star ANCAP Safety Rating with a slightly higher WLTP range at 547km. The Model 3 can accelerate to 0-100km/h in 3.3 seconds and is an All-Wheel Drive with a Dual Motor – unlike traditional all-wheel drive systems, the Model 3 digitally controls torque to the front and rear wheels better handling and traction control.

You can recharge your Model 3 for up to 299km of driving in 15 minutes at a Tesla Supercharge location.

Our team of professionals work closely with Tesla authorised repairers to ensure you are back on the road as quickly as possible – Learn more about our Tesla Fleet and apply now HERE.


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