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Australia is known for having unpredictable weather patterns, which can result in heavy rain and flash flooding in certain areas. Driving in these conditions can be hazardous and requires extra caution to ensure the safety of yourself and other drivers on the road.
With the exponential rise of Teslas hitting Australian roads, we have broadened our range to suit the market’s growing need and are officially the first Replacement vehicle company to have Tesla Models available nationwide. After first introducing the Tesla Model 3 Compass have expanded our national fleet to include Tesla Model Y as well.
Anyone who has been involved in an accident can attest to the fact that it makes life challenging for weeks and even months after the incident. Whether it’s trying to get in contact with the other party, speaking to police at the scene or making a claim with your insurance provider, there are many important steps you need to take following an accident.
What could be more frustrating than being involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and then having your main mode of transport – your everyday vehicle –damaged so that it requires repairs that could take weeks if not months to fix? How would that impact your day-to-day life if you didn’t have your vehicle?
Compass, an accident management and vehicle hire service, is celebrating its 20th year in business. As soon as they entered the Australian market Compass caused disruption.

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