Volvo Cars and Compass Cars Join Forces to Offer Onward Mobility Solutions

Volvo, the renowned automotive manufacturer synonymous with safety and innovation, is pleased to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Compass Cars, a leading mobility solutions provider.

The Collaboration aims to redefine customer support and provide enhanced onward mobility options for drivers who experience motor vehicle incidents and need a replacement car if their own is off the road.

The alliance between Volvo and Compass Cars seeks to reduce the inconvenience of impacted drivers.

Key aspects of this partnership include:

  1. Onward mobility solutions: With Volvo’s commitment to safety and reliability and Compass Cars’ expertise in mobility services, the partnership will introduce a range of onward mobility solutions tailored to the unique needs of drivers when their vehicles are off the road. These solutions will ensure that drivers can continue their journeys safely and efficiently while their vehicles are being repaired.
  2. Enhance customer care: Compass Cars’ exceptional customer care services will complement Volvo’s existing support network, providing drivers with a Volvo branded replacement vehicle for their period of need.
  3. Sustainability focus: Both Volvo and Compass Cars share a commitment to sustainability. As part of the future partnership, eco-friendly mobility options, such as electric will emphasized in the inward mobility solutions to promote environmental responsibility.

We’re delighted to partner with Compass to further deliver on our Exceptional Volvo Experience” said Rochanne Allen, Mobility Solutions Manager at Volvo Car Australia.  “This collaboration enhances our customer experience and provides true seamless mobility solutions.  In addition, as the industry enters a new phase of sustainable mobility offerings, we are proud to be taking the lead in this space.”

“We are proud to collaborate with Volvo in reshaping the mobility landscape for drivers who need a replacement vehicle in their time of need,” said James Frape, CEO of Compass. “Our combined strengths will create a one-of-a-kind experience, delivering swift and reliable mobility solutions with a strong focus on customer care and environmental sustainability. We have found that when providing these solutions to our clients, it enhances their customer experiences, which in turn creates return business”.

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