Do You Have the Right to a Replacement Vehicle After an Accident?

Anyone who has been involved in an accident can attest to the fact that it makes life challenging for weeks and even months after the incident. Whether it’s trying to get in contact with the other party, speaking to police at the scene or making a claim with your insurance provider, there are many important steps you need to take following an accident.

This issue is compounded if you’re not at fault for the accident and need a replacement car for things like work, school, and day-to-day errands. So, here’s what you need to know about your right to drive after an accident.

It’s important that you understand your basic rights under Australian law following an accident. In particular, if your car is damaged or written off as a result of a not at fault accident, you may have a right to drive a replacement car, with the cost of the hire being covered by the at-fault party. It’s important to equip yourself with the right information so you can get back to your regular life as soon as possible following an accident.

You Have a Right to Drive

The best-case scenario following an accident is that your vehicle will be undamaged –however, often this isn’t the case and you’re looking at the possibility of repairs or even worse having the car written off.

If your car is written off or damaged and requires repairs, you may be without your main form of transport for days or even weeks. This can wreak havoc in your daily life, but there is a solution.

In Australia, if you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, and it involved your car and at least one other car, you may have the right to a replacement hire vehicle with the cost of the vehicle hire recovered from the at-fault party.

You need to exercise your right to drive in order to avoid unnecessary administrative issues and out-of-pocket expenses, which is where experts, such as Compass, in accident replacement vehicles can help.

If you’ve been involved in a non-fault accident, you have a right to drive a vehicle similar to your own. Imagine being placed in a smaller car than you’re used to, what chaos will that cause when you need to do the daily school drop-off with your large family, for example.

You Have a Right to Timely Processing

Insurers may move slowly when processing a claim but that doesn’t suit your requirements – you need to be back on the road yesterday. By using a third-party business, like Compass that specialises in providing accident replacement vehicles, is a simple way to get on with things and reduce your inconvenience. You can continue your everyday life as normal while an expert manages getting you back on the road.

If you’re not at fault in an accident and you’re unable to use your car while it is repaired or due to be written off, contact an expert to help you manage the process.

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